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Equine Business Photoshoot Giveaway!

I've decided to give away a FREE Commerical Photoshoot Package for an equine-related small business! 

Small businesses are the backbone of our society. For many of us, it has taken YEARS to build our businesses and without the support of others, it can only take months for it to come crashing down. 


I know we are all feeling very overwhelmed with everything going on in the world, and a lot of small businesses are struggling...

I want to do my part to help out other equine-related businesses! So I've decided to give away a completely free commercial photoshoot package! 

This package will include: 

Pre-Consultation: Prior to your session we will discuss wardrobe, locations, and overall style to customize a session that represents YOU & YOUR BRAND!

We will discuss what your photo needs are and what you need the photos for. (You can use your photos for your website, social media, business cards, Ads, Flyers, etc.)

Photoshoot: The shoot will include a variety of photographs. From Professional Headshots, Business Location Photos (interior & exterior) if applicable, "in action" shots of owners & employees, & photos of your "Products" or "Services".

The shoot is completely customizable to your needs!

The Business will also RECIEVE:
Discounted Products/Services (Websites, Prints, etc)

Extended Shooting Times

Blog Spotlight

An Instagram feature where I have OVER 7,000 FOLLOWERS!

Romantic Couple Photo Facebook Post.png

Nominate your favorite Equine Business today!


Thank you for taking the time to nominate your FAVORITE Equine Business!! You can enter your own business or help out your favorite by nominating it below!

Winner will be chosen on July 21nd 2020.


From Boarding Barns to Riding Instructors, to Farriers, and Vets, to Chiropractors and Massage therapists and everyone in between!


I'm looking forward to learning more about know the businesses you LOVE!

The Final Day to Enter is: June 1st, 2020. - The shoot will be completed once it is safe enough to do so and legally permitted. 

Thanks for submitting!

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